“Your future can count on our past”: this is the watchword of Besana company, one of the oldest and most experienced companies in Europe in the production of narrow elastic.


Besana company was founded in 1945 by the entrepreneur Herbert Wiegandt, born in Wuppertal, the German city that is considered the home town of narrow elastic. The first productions, made with shuttle looms, were suspenders, edgings, shoulder straps for bras, narrows for garters and garter belts, folding narrows for technical apparel and woven elastic for girdles and sanitary appareal. In the 60’s the use of fibre Lycra in Italy made a big revolution in the world of corsetry and underwear and Besana created its first elastic shoulder straps made with needle looms.


In 1965 Besana company moved to its new factory of 5000mq and decided to install, first in Italy, a continuosly dyeing and finishing plant. In the middle of the 70’s Gianfranco Aicardi, son-in-law of the founder Herbert Wiegandt and his right-hand mand since 1965, took the lead of the company and decided to focus the production on corsetry and underwear, to invest in new machineries and in D&R for needle looms and to introduce the new production of crochet machines.


The narrow elastic for corsetry and underwear is the main product of Besana and the development of the production followed the new innovations in fibres and textile technology with the use of the new elastomers, microfibres and the introduction of crochet machines to produce laces. The factory plant in the last years increased up to 7000 mq with the new offices, storage rooms and new departments and all the history of Besana’s production can be seen in the collections of samples.